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Our Faith Community Nursing (FCN) Ministry is led by a registered nurse whose focus of practice is the faith community and its ministry. Faith Community Nursing is a health promotion, disease prevention role based on the care of the whole person. It is not to replace any existing ministry in the church, but to work alongside them.

The focus of their work is on the intentional care of the spirit. It is not a hands-on practice. A FCN does not function the same as a home health agency nurse. It is an independent practice, so it is often said think of it in this way: If a physician’s order is required, then it is beyond the scope of practice for a FCN. However, there are many valuable practices within the role that benefit the congregation, such as:


    Integrator of Faith and Health

  • Assists families in time of crisis
  • Incorporates spiritual values into health education
    Health Educator

  • Group education for various health issues
  • Facilitates community agencies to give health education
    Personal Health Educator

  • Private consultations, i.e. home, hospital, nursing home, and church visits
  • Arranges health screenings
    Referral agent

  • Guides person in using existing community and church resources
  • Meets with families to plan care of individual
    Trainer of Volunteers

  • To assist with various programs and individual needs
    Developer of Support Groups

  • As needs identified by leadership, health committee or individuals
    Health Advocate

  • A spokesperson when an individual cannot act on their own